The mission of the Cheyney University Honors Academy is to demonstrate the core values of Cheyney University and to create the opportunity for students to develop intellectually and become independent thinkers, promote social responsibility, contribute to a nurturing community, explore their purpose and lead with integrity.

Cheyney University Honors Academy strives to elevate the collegiality of the Cheyney University community by representing the University’s highest qualities. Although membership into the Academy is reserved for high achieving students, all courses, events, and activities are open to the entire Cheyney community. Honors courses and events are open to all students to foster a sense of aspiration across campus. Such inclusion requires an awareness and respect for the diversity of thoughts and perspectives. As a result, interdisciplinary academic work is emphasized along with obligatory community service.


Cheyney University Honors Academy Spotlight Stories

Jaleah is a first-generation college student. She applied to other colleges and universities, but Cheyney...

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“The CU Honors Academy serves as a reminder of who I am. I am a scholar. It is a reminder of the determination and commitment that it took to get to where I am. No matter what I think, I have this achievement to show me that I am capable of all that I put my mind to.”

“The CU Honors Academy is important because it opens doors for you and allows you to be recognized for your academic excellence.”